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Hardwood Flooring Services

Rich, warm hardwood flooring adds beauty and value to a home. The most sought after flooring for new home buyers, hardwood offers substantial benefits over carpet, tile, and linoleum. P & K Hardwood delivers hardwood flooring that is both durable and attractive, our reputation for service remains unsurpassed. So when there is an unforeseen problem with your home’s flooring needs, making P & K Hardwood your first call provides an unparalleled return on investment and outstanding service.

Board Replacement & Restoration

We offer quick and easy board replacement for discolored or damaged areas or entire hardwood flooring refinishing. Easily done in a single afternoon, our flooring installers can remove damaged boards and replace it with flooring that seamlessly blends into your existing floor. If your flooring is just tired and worn out, hardwood floor restoration services can make your wood shine like new again, without the high cost of replacement.

Molding Replacement Options

Molding and baseboards can become scuffed and dented due to high traffic and heavy winter footwear being tossed aside. Utilizing traditional oak molding or primed white, the baseboards and molding can provide your home with a quick and easy pick-me-up without the effort of replacing entire floors. Installing molding can also prevent damage to walls and reduce repainting, saving time and money.