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Cost is determined by the needs and desires of the customer. The species of the floor, size of areas (square footage), shape and characteristics of areas (Are the rooms square, have closets, radiators, baseboard heaters, etc) and services rendered (i.e. board replacements, stain, moldings, etc) all affect the total cost.

Our polyurethane is a low VOC finish and is non-toxic. It is safe for kids and pets.

Cure times vary due to humidity levels. Furniture can be put back in place in approximately 24-72 hours.

One to three hours after the finish is applied, the floor can be opened up to light foot traffic. It will take up to 24 hrs before resuming normal foot traffic. This is dependent on the individual humidity levels in the home.

There is very little odor produced by the water based polyurethanes that we use.

There is virtually no dust. The dust containment system will collect approximately 90-95% of dust created.

We work very closely with all our customers to eliminate the need to move out during the project.

All areas must be empty to complete projects. Furniture is generally moved to other areas of the home. In extreme situations, projects may be split into separate stages depending on individual circumstances.

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