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We offer the finest hardwood flooring installation, refinishing and restoration services available. Our Dust Containment system keeps our projects clean and dust free. No need to seal off rooms or live in a dusty environment while your floors are being refinished. Our finish dries fast allowing areas to be walked upon quickly and cures fast allowing furniture to be put back in place in 1-3 days. We offer free estimates and consultations to provide the most information for our customers to make the best decision on all projects.

Whether your home is entirely hardwood or a mix of carpet, tile, and hardwood, many older homes have transition areas between rooms. For young children and the elderly, these can be dangerous obstacles that cause tripping and unsteadiness, for many people they are just areas that are unattractive and worn. Replacing these transition strips can increase safety in a parent’s home or just make your home more appealing. A simple, cost-effective job that beautifies your home without the big remodeling project,




Free Estimates & Consultations

We offer free estimates and in home consultations. We offer later appointment times during the week and Saturday appointments. We would be happy to discuss any of these concerns with you personally and determine the feasibility of completing your individual project. We pride ourselves on being on time, on budget, and taking great care of our customers

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